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What are the BEST POPPERS TO BUY? To give an honest answer - nobody knows what the "real" formula is. you need to go out of your own way to buy different kinds of poppers and see what works best for you. poppers affects everyone differently. you can't find the original formula anymore - you can only just find alternatives that give you the closest to the original.

My personal experiences with different formulas...

  • Isopropyl - short lived high, temporary vision issues. It's not completely ineffective, but whenever I take a hit the high lasts so short that I feel it's good for when you're about to climax. Side effects such as breathing issues may or may not be present the next day. During a session if I take multiple hits, my lips become blue, i feel nauseous and often I've actually vomited from isopropyl. I avoid it.

  • Isobutyl - this is what everyone considers the "best" formulation of poppers in the market. They're not wrong - you take several hits/inhales and the feeling lasts for a looong time. Really good for long porn sessions where you just want to immersed in the scene and just let it all go. No headaches or vision issues, no nausea. However from my personal experience, I have the ABSOLUTE WORSE next day side effects on my lungs. It's so bad that I can't even climb stairs or tie my shoes without showing asthmatic symptoms.

And of course, there are some poppers out there that label themselves as "amyl" or pentyl but nobody knows for sure what the REAL formulation is....the only way is to really just try and go through trial and error. it's a real money sink.

honestly the best way is really test out poppers is to get a bunch of friends together and pool some money in - each person buys a different popper from different sources and sit down, have "popper huffing session" and evaluate together which is best ;)


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